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Charlotte Gainsbourg ‘Jardin d’hiver’ Jüergen Teller

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chanel paris

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Fotógrafa: Diana Scheunemann

is alive with sensuality and emotion. She was born in 1975 in Germany and educated in Switzerland. Scheunemann has since spent a decade travelling and capturing the scenes from her life with provocative honesty. Her instinctive desire to pursue photography has taken her across the globe in search of stimulating imagery.

Diana Scheunemann is in demand for advertising and editorial campaigns, as well as celebrity portraits. Her most interesting pieces are the portrayals of her private life, and she retains an unparalleled intimacy with her subjects saying: “My work is very autobiographical.” Building up a rapport and having intimate knowledge of her subjects allows her to explore various possibilities; sometimes tragic, but often uplifting and comic images emerge. Scheunemann’s familiarity with her subjects was established at an early age: “I vividly remember the first picture that I ever took of my mother in the bathroom when I was eight.”

Fotógrafo: Linus Ricard

was born in the small town of Koping, Sweden in 1980. Never
suited for provincial boredom, constantly yearning, he left his Nordic home-
town at 16 to explore the world.

After extensive European travel it was time to settle down. Since fashion
had always been a interest he went to Milan, Italy, and studied to become
a fashion stylist. After two years at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, he felt the
urge for somthing different. This time, he chose photography, and has
been working hard ever since.

Today, fueled by a constant passion for art and creation, Linus documents
the world as he sees it. Short moments of high emotional impact or deep
reflection are what Linus captures. Still, beneath the impulses of his wan-
dering youth, is a thinking man. A man who always places himself, and the
souls he meets, in a larger context. The small individual in the big picture
works as a red line.

Fotógrafo: Wendy Bevan

Wendy is a Photographer based in London. She publishes her work mainly in fashion magazines. Over the past few year she has worked for I-d, POP, 10, Tank, Russian Vogue, Italian Marie Claire, Muse, The Independent.

In April 2008 Wendy exhibited her work for the first time in London. The exhibition ‘Pleasures and Pain’ proved to be a great success. She is looking to put together her next solo show late this year.